We love to delve into stories about trees. Here are two commissions we did for the Dutch newspapers NRC and nrc-next.

Live Fast Die Young, august 2011

The rapid growing poplar tree has few friends left. Historically a signifier of the Dutch landscape, they are associated with polders, grey skies and straight ditches. But nowadays, haters are bashing them online: The tree lost it's image, since it is mostly seen in long rows near highways, parking lots and gas stations. In it's struggle, the unknowing underdog has gained some powerful friends.

Article by Jaap Proost

Published in nrc next

Anne Frank Tree, october 2010

It's Alive! We traced the famous chestnut tree which Anne Frank described in her diary. After it fell on August 23rd, neighbours took souvenirs, collectors germinated chestnuts and the rotten wood was used to warm the city of Lelystad. Grafts and seedlings are spread around schools, gardens and parks across the world. One seedling will be planted on the White House grounds in 2012, after it has finished it's 3 year quarantine.

Article by Arjen Ribbens

Published in NRC Weekblad

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